Right here, right now

I'm falling from the mirror-gates into the endless green
The smallest drop of innocence that light has ever seen
The point of my existence I'm trying to conceive
Remember, remember
Have I been born from laughter or have I been born from grief?

See the raindrops in the sky
All their voices asking why
The question's in the air today
'cause right here, and right now,
the echoes of our cry are fading...

My merging with the dewdrops will be the end of me
And maybe when I'm gone I will be taken to the sea
No longer than a heartbeat or the blinking of an eye
Remember, remember
Do not forget the meaning of my life after I die

Snowflakes glistening in the sun
Soon their beauty will be gone
Their message is alive today:
right here, and right now
the whiteness of our dreams is melting...

See us teardrops as we fall
Hear our voices as we call:
Make it happen, seize the day!
Right here, and right now!
'cause maybe there is no tomorrow...

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