I got up at 4:30am and used the computer. I went to Everything first and I saw that we had reached 600,000 links so I made the node 6000000 Links. I then went to help at a bookstore till 12:00pm when I went to lunch at Golden Corral.
The Golden Corral had it's most recent sanitation rating on the wall. 90%. All the previous ones were 95%+. I noticed that the inspector was different though so maybe that's why.

After lunch I went home, noticed the error of 6000000 links and created 600,000 Links to counter it. I then updated Ockham's razor and the Everything Node/Link Ratio.
My cat wants me to pet him and is being annoying about it. He just clawed my lip. I made the node Demy and some others!
Also, I got some Star Trek books including The Star Trek Chronology.

I went back to the bookstore at about 5:00(EST) to help more and then I got free pizza! More cool books! More pizza! Pepsi! A stomach ache from all the pizza! Groovy!
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