Liches are subtype of evil undead nasties. They are substantial like zombies, and unlike ghosts and wraiths. A lich is created when a wizard or other powerful person is killed/destroyed, but their spirit or magic is strong enough to bring them back from the dead.

Liches, as c-raven said, are extremely powerful mages who have the willpower for their soul to remain in the physical world after death. However, he failed to mention the fact that these mages were mostly evil, the good mages mostly passed on without a struggle, although some were arrogant enough to believe everyone else made a mistake and they could keep their minds (cheers for that Nekojin).

Apart from that, liches were incredibly powerful undead creatures, their magical abilities only enhanced after their ressurection. They have the power of necromancy and can raise the dead at will. They could quickly raise ghosts, skeletons and zombies at will, and could command the more powerful wraiths and banshees. Apart from necromancy, liches could also cast all the spells they knew before death, only with much greater power.

A hero available to the Undead Scourge in the 2002 hit computer game Warcraft III.

Background: Like all spellcasting heroes in WC3, the Lich serves as a good backup hero for any keen Scourge player's armies. While extremely physically weak, the Lich has some of the most devestating spells in Warcraft III, and can compliment any strike force, army or base defence.

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Physical Description: With long, flowing robes, the skeletal Lich has jawbone horns, dark horn-like patches on his forehead, all framed by an almost noble high collar. His outstretched hands emit an unearthly purple glow, with quite nice corona efects thrown in for good measure.

Spells and abilities:

  • Frost Nova: A strikingly blue bolt of pure cold is hurled down from the heavens by the Lich. Upon striking, the unfortunate victim of the Nova is slowed and heavily damaged (100/100/100). Worse yet, those around him are also chilled and take (sometimes more!) damage (50/100/150). This spell rocks. It is fast to cast and does massive damage if you get a few off. Unfortunately it is quite mana-hungry, and it effectiveness is reduced if the Lich dies because of his frailty.
  • Frost Armor: Surrounding the target with purest ice, the magical armour (+3/5/7 armour) eminates cold - slowing (5/5/5 seconds) melee opponents. Used well, Frost Armor is one of the best protection spells. Used on the frail Lich initially, it complements other heroes like the Dreadlord and Death Knight perfectly - even units like abominations do well with it, being on the front lines.Updated: As of Patch 1.03, Frost Armour is now autocast, allowing troops on the front lines to be helped when attacked.
  • Dark Ritual: Sacrifices a nearby friendly unit, returning a portion of its HP as mana (33/66/100%) to the Lich. Best used with Frost Nova, create a few shades and get them to tag along with your Lich - (almost) free mana potions and invisibility detection too! Used well, with good micromanagement, you can get an almost limitless supply of Frost Novae...
  • Ultimate: Death and Decay. The very air itself seems to wilt under the powerful dark magicks of the Lich. Causing a massive 4% of TOTAL HP damage per second, this spell will eat through everything it touches. However, with its small area of effect, it can be avoided by troops, but buildings will crumble in a matter of seconds. As with all spells that need to be channeled/maintained, this spell can be stopped relatively easily unless it catches you unawares.

Gameplay: Rarely used, the Lich does serve the purposes of a skilled Undead commander. Though extremely fragile and almost always targeted, once a few buffering levels are obtained, the Lich can lay waste to an opposing army with the dreaded Nova/Ritual/Nova/Ritual cycle. Best used as a support hero to one of the other two. Update: As of 1.03, the Lich now has far more hit points and gains more per level, making him slightly harder to kill and thus a HELL of a lot more useful.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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2003.3.9@14:48 DustBunnie says on your writeup lich, you might also want to note that Death & Decay is a silent spell; an opponent doesn't hear the voice telling them they are being attacked, so with a potion of invisibility/invulnerability a lich can sneak in and do hurt. Kalon's aside: Ooooooh jeez that's sneaky. Even I hadn't thought of that! Hehehe - "do hurt"...

Information gleaned from:

  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III

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Lich (?), a.



Chaucer. Spenser.


© Webster 1913.

Lich (?), n. [AS.lic body. See Like, a.]

A dead body; a corpse.


Lich fowl Zool., the European goatsucker; -- called also lich owl. -- Lich gate, a covered gate through which the corpse was carried to the church or burial place, and where the bier was placed to await clergyman; a corpse gate. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell. -- Lich wake, the wake, or watching, held over a corpse before burial. [Prov Eng.] Chaucer. -- Lich wall, the wall of a churchyard or burying ground. -- Lich way, the path by which the dead are carried to the grave. [Prov. Eng.]


© Webster 1913.

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