Technomancer is a magician who commands technology. If we're true to the roots of the word, it means commanding of the craft or art, and these days - in modern terms, the technology.

I can say with certainty that modern technology is just as good as magic (as told by Arthur C. Clarke in his famous third law.)

The only real difference between technology and the traditional forms of magic is that effects of technology can be easily proven scientifically (at least in most cases - I bet even Randi can't explain all of the BSODs). This doesn't make it any less magical in my view. When people say their favorite apps to do things are full of magic, they mean it.

A world to play role playing games in, by David Pulver, created for the GURPS system.

In it, magic returns to the world when Oppenheimer's words, "I am become death, destroyer of worlds" unwittingly completed a necromantic ritual, in combination with the detonation of an atomic bomb. The world proceeds on an otherwise close parallel of our Earth, with some differences, such as the sentient penguins with a hive-mind in Antarctica. To say nothing of the Stalin lich.

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