Author of Role-playing game books. David Pulver has written or co-authored over 30 of them. For Steve Jackson Games he wrote virtually all of the technology books for GURPS (GURPS Ultra-tech, GURPS Ultra-tech 2, GURPS Bio-tech, GURPS Robots, GURPS Mecha and GURPS Vehicles), as well as GURPS Psionics and the excellant GURPS Technomancer. He now works for Guardians of Order as their anime line developer. He co-authored the second edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth for that company, and wrote or co-authored many of their other anime role-playing game books, such as the Tenchi MuyoRPG, and Big Robots, Cool Starships, which featured the first incarnation of BESM's simple, yet powerful vehicle-construction system.

Pulver's works are typically technology-related, and often have an anime flavor, even in the more realistic GURPS system. For instance, GURPS Bio-tech makes references to Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo, and uses catgirls in some examples. Catgirls actually show up in quite a few of Pulver's books. Both the furry sort of cat-person, and the girl-with-cat-ears anime sort of catgirl appear as races in GURPS Technomancer, and the designer of the sample vehicle from the first edition of GURPS Vehicles was also a catgirl. Of course, as my own tastes in game worlds and characters seems to be similar to Pulver's, and I am fond of both the GURPS and BESM system, a large chunk of my RPG collection is made up of books by this author. Now...if only I could find a game of GURPS Technomancer so that I could play a catgirl...

From the Guardians of Order website (hardlinks mine):

David was born in Kingston, Ontario, and grew up in England, New Zealand and Canada. David earned his B.A. in history from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) in 1988, and immediately embarked on a career as a full-time game designer. Since then, David has written or co-authored over 30 RPG books (many of them for SJ Games' GURPS line), including an Origins Award-winning adventure. In 1998, David joined Guardians Of Order to work on anime-related projects full-time. His writing credits with the company included Big Robots, Cool Starships, Hot Rods and Gun Bunnies (co-authored), and licensed role-playing game and resource books based on Dominion Tank Police, Demon City Shinjuku, Tenchi Muyo! (co-authored), and Ghost Dog (co-authored).

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