Literally "No Need for Tenchi", this anime series about a young boy (Tenchi MASAKI and the women pursuing him. The series is made up of the Tenchi Muyo OAV, Tenchi Universe (the TV series), Tenchi in Tokyo (or Shin Tenchi) and several movies: Tenchi Muyo in Love, Daughter of Darkness or Manatsu no Eve, and Tenchi Muyo in Love 2.

The best thing about Kanji, is that it's easy to pun with. Tenchi, in and of itself, is littered with various puns, wordplay, and jokes, depending on various kanji and their readings. Fans of Nadesico are probably familiar with this as well. Now let's take the kanji for "Tenchi Muyo"...

(Jan. 2, 2002 - I converted the characters to html unicode entities, for simplicity. Still need Japanese fonts available on your machine to see them though (valid, unicode compliant fonts))

Take each character literally:

- Ten - sky; heavens

- Chi - ground; earth

- Mu - nothingness; infinite

- You - use; to use


- Tenchi - Heaven and Earth, Top and Bottom


- Muyou - Having no use; useless; unnecessary

Read in pairs, separated, it's "No need for Tenchi"

If read TOTALLY literally:


- tenchimuyou - This end up.

Ah... such pun.

As already pointed out by microlith, "the best thing about Kanji, is that it's easy to pun with," and Tenchi Muyo! puts this quirk of the Japanese language to good use. In fact, most of the Tenchi Muyo! characters have Telltale Names, in the grand tradition of Charles Dickens. When taken as a series of Kanji, their names often reveal some of their character traits, or sometimes create an amusing contrast (like a giant named "Tiny"). Here's a list:

Tenchi = Heaven and Earth
Masaki = Justice Tree
Ryoko = Spirit Summoner
Ayeka = Delicate / Empty Flattery
Sasami = Beautiful Seaside
Kiyone = Conscience
Mihoshi = Graceful Star
Washuu = Eagle Feather
Kagato = I-Who-Am-As-A-God
Nobuyuki = Happy Devotion
Yosho = Ancient Light
Tsunami = Wise, Charming Harbor
Azaka = Flatterer of Kings
Kamidake = Wildfire
Jurai = Thunder Tree

Kanji-by-kanji meanings can be found at

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