Fictional character initially appearing in the anime Tenchi Muyo, and then in the many spinoffs like Pretty Sammy and Tenchi Universe. In the original OVA series, Sasami, princess of Jurai, came to Earth along with her sister who was searching for her long-lost love. What they would find here, they could never have expected... Has blue hair and a kawaii smile.

Sasami is a cute little girl (8 yrs old), with long blue pigtails and an 'emblem of true power' on her forehead. She's Ayeka's sister and a good friend of Ryo-Ohki the cabbit. Sasami sometimes has prophetic dreams. In Pretty Sammy, Sasami is given powers by Ryo-ohki and becomes a magical girl

In Japanese, "sasami" is the most tender part of breast meat in poultry. It is the portion closest to the ribcage.

Also eaten raw as a sushi, but only from clean chickens (i.e. don't eat ordinary chickens you find at food-marts raw).

Sasami is the Younger sister to Ayeka, and a member of the Jurai Royal family. During Ryoko's attack on the planet Jurai Sasami suffered a fatal accident, it was then that Tsunami, the most powerful of Jurai's Tree-ships joined with Sasami saving her life. They are one and the same being now. This causes Sasami to have prophetic dreams. When Sasami or Tsunami is standing near a pond one sees the reflection of the other in the water (although aparently this does not happen when she looks into a mirror). Tsunami appears as Sasami aged several years, this caused Ryoko and Ayeka a lot of stress as Tsunami is (apparently) better looking then either of them, and also (of course) in love with Tenchi

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