A planet in the series Tenchi Muyo. This is where Yosho (Tenchi's grandfather, Ayeka and Sasami are from. It is a planet where the inhabitants are immortal due to the tree of life. Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki attacked this planet.

In Tenchi Muyo, this is where Yosho, Ayeka, and Sasami are from. I find this world fascinating because of its technology; pretty much everything they have technology-wise is organic and beautiful. One of the interesting things about the Tenchi Muyo series is that they don't try to explain the technology in any way. We just have to accept it. This adds to the mystery: How does Jurai technology work?

My theory is nanotechnology. Well, at first. Nanotech eventually led to the production of hybrid quantum-organic computers, which can think and process much more rapidly than the Jurians' brains could, but could also grow and survive on the same materials that can sustain normal life. Jurian technology took the form of plant life because being able to harness light through photosynthesis was an advantage.

Of course, this is just my interpratation of what I see; who knows, maybe the show's creators put less thought into this than I did, and just wrote their storyboards thinking.. "Intelligent trees. That sounds neat!"

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