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I would *like* to welcome you, but I'm not *interested* in you! Where is the prince of Jurai? --No Need for Tenchi Graphic Novels
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Hello! I am currently a UNIX system administrator for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. My hobbies include watching anime, (especially Tenchi Muyo and Slayers) skiing, fantasy role-playing games (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and WOD, but these are really just excuses to get friends together, have some damn fine eatin' and knock back some homebrew), bicycling, hiking, programming as a religion, cooking, drinking, and generally acting younger than I am. I love to be the hero.

I don't claim to know everything. I don't even claim to know "enough". But on occasion, you find out things that have made a difference in your life, and you want to share them, with the hopes that they'll make a difference in someone elses. You also hope that it is a positive difference.

If you see something here that you agree with, disagree with, or just want to discuss, let me know. I plan to make changes over time, which brings us to the first item:

This list is always changing.