A dungeon master who makes the game ridiculously easy by ignoring rules and giving out unearned stats and items. Signs that you might be a Santa Claus DM:

Similar to the Santa Claus DM, there is also the Christmas Tree campaign. Here is a typical scenario in the Christmas Tree campaign:

Two bored warriors, a thief, and a mage are casually making camp in a large clearing very close to the Orc stronghold. The orcs notice the amazingly large and obvious bon-fire and decide to go slay the folks camped on their doorstep. So they come out in a drove of roughly two million.

One bored warrior goes, "Oh boy--let's kick some ass!"

The other puts his armor on, pokes his esquire to hand him a 9-iron Mace of Cuthbert (he has 14 such maces and needed to differentiate between them), and pops a piece of chewing gum in and gnashes it with his full set of the Teeth of Dalvernar.

The thief hops upon a Tensors Floating Disc, takes two Decanters of Endless Water, switches them into full-blast firehose mode, and races off above the orcs' heads (using the decanters as a method of propulsion), showering them with intense streams of water.

The mage pulls out a Ring of Wishing from his Bag of Holding and wishes there were twice as many orcs (otherwise, he won't get to have any fun...). He then pulls out a Lute of Satriani and starts playing some funky death metal music (which corresponds to casting a Fire Storm spell or three).

Warrior number one wields a Holy Avenger in each hand (he's got a Girdle of Giant Strength, so he can do stuff like that). And just starts hacking and slaying. The orcs are bouncing off his armor which was taken from some high-powered dead Lich a few days ago.

Warrior number two tees up with his Mace of Cuthbert, and starts slamming some heads with some intensely long drives that even Happy Gilmore could appreciate.

The thief, now positioned over a huge pack of orcs, dons his radiation suit and releases a pocket-sized thermo-nuclear device (+10 against raging orcs) essentially wiping out a million orcs or so.

The mage, not to be outdone by the thief, dons his Cloak of Protection and thinks about which cool thing to do next. The Rod of Seven Parts?... Cast a big spell?... Mmmm... Then he starts playing solitaire with a Deck of Many Things figuring most of the orcs are dead now anyhow. Because of his pact with one of the major deities of the world, he is unaffected by most of the "bad cards".

Battle goes on like this for about 6 more minutes.... So on so forth....

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