A punk band from the mid 1980's to mid 1990's that formed from the ashes of the Minutemen after singer D. Boon died.

fIREHOSE was Mike Watt, ed fromohio, and George Hurley, and put out their first albums on SST Records before a failed major label debut and breaking up.

They had all the elements and attitude of a punk band, but musically were as far from punk as possible, applying jazz elements, lots of pop sensibility, and (gasp) talent. They were also called the "hardest working band in show business" from their constant touring, recording, and touring again.

They became popular with the 80's skateboarder culture after having songs featured in videos such as Santa Cruz's Streets of Fire, though never really "broke out" to mainstream popularity until their last album. Even then, they were only known for their cover of Public Enemy's "Sophisticated Bitch."

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fIREHOSE is also best known as the last good thing Mike Watt did musically (quit hitting me, i put a warning!).

I first heard the song Witness, from fIREHOSE's failed major label debut when I worked at Georgetown's non-transmitting radio station WGTB. In a dirty windowless room that smelled faintly of stale beer and cigarette smoke I sat mesmerized for almost eight minutes. When it finally came to an end, I breathed deeply to keep from crying.

Granted, I was a little emotional at the time--failing out of school, dumped by the then love of my life--but the song is amazing, with or without emotional baggage. It should be required listening for all wannabe songwriters.
"This how to build emotional tension, and this is a climax. Now go home, and emulate."

And as to it being the last good thing that Mike Watt did musically, well, I liked his punk rock opera about his dad's time in the Navy, but I didn't go out and buy it or anything. Just do yourself a favor and go buy Double Nickels on the Dime by The Minutemen, Mike Watt's first group.

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