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Please share with me your stories and thoughts about ice cream -- I want to write a play.

Willing to trade mixtapes, CDs, sandwich recipes, books, drawings, coloring book pages, thoughts.

Here's the story of the name: From about 1996 til 2001, I spent a lot of time on Undernet. I couldn't find a nick I liked: Hollid, NPBBBS, NP3BS, NeilPB. None of them were good. In #phish, they were amused by all this nick-hopping. It became a sort of tradition that when addressing me, they would develop variations on the name Neil. Neilshire is one that sticks out in my memory. (The 'shire' is silent of course:) 1337-speak was tried: gn33l, kn33l. But everybody's (well, my) favorite was: Knile. So simple, it just works. Thus it became my IRC nick, and username for many things. On 7 Aug 1999, it became part of my AIM screen name(Knile87). This was right before the explosion of AIM's popularity among many of my schoolfriends & others of that ilk. Many people I knew from real life liked the idea of "Knile" and they started using it. Then I finally met a few people I knew from the Net, and they thought of me as Knile. It's to the point where I accept "Knile" as much as my given name and even encourage yall to use it.

I joined e2 in October 2000, or so it says. It seems I created knile and knile87 in rapid succession. There are lots of things about Fall 2000 that I'll never remember/understand. I used Knile87 until this summer, when I realized "Oh, that must be me with Knile. Huh." I half-explained it to some of the noders I met, but most just accepted the 87. Until August 11, 2002 when I took matters into my own hands, and asked ailie to do a little remodelling. And now here I am.

Noders I have smiled at (in the very rough order I met them):

Noders who've mailed me stuff: Jessicapierce, qousqous, cbustapeck, segnbora-t x2, ninjapenguin, my secret santa

<spackle> pitcher: I was really just too lazy to learn to walk. I had better things to do.

The world is filled with beauty. The only thing you need to do each day is go out and find something precious that you have never seen before.

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50 XP September 14, 2002
My second e2 birthday came and went without fanfare. And so it goes.
100 XP May 12, 2002 Thanks to wordnerd for the idea/XP:)

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