Chester is also the name given to a ghost that haunts the theater department at S.F.A. State Uiversity in Nacogdoches, Texas many peolpe have come across Chester in their days at S.F.A.

There is in fact a photo of a scene in a play where although nothing was seen by the observers, in the photo as clear as day there is a large smoky figure of a person lying down arms crossed in the burial position. This photo has been analyzed by Kodak who sent the picture back with a letter that said, whatever was there, was indeed there, there had been no doctoring to the photo.

Another instance where Chester has shown himself was when a young female student snuck into the building to study, after hours. She says she was studying when she felt a cold breeze go by her, and saw a face rise out of the wall. The face stopped, and themouth opened and she says mouthed the words "Leave or die, NOW!" although no voice was heard she took it to heart and started to leave the building. As she was drawing near the exit, the lights went off. The young lady was frightened but determined to get out of the building. She says she was locked in and just as she was about to break the glass to the door, it opened for her. She ran out, and would not go back into the building, and she switched schools and majors shortly afterwards.

The last story I will convey to you happened to a Professor of the Theater Deptartment. He was working late one night, and heard sounds of someone screaming in the dressing closet below the stage. Quickly he ran downstairs, to see if he could aid the victim of whatever heinous crime was being committed. As he was running a hammer fell from the rafters of the building. He noticed it was his hammer, but he had not been up there this day. Puzzled he continued to the dressing room. He arrived at the door and it was locked, odd becaus it had no lock. Undiscouraged he kicked and beat on the door, the screams getting louder. He burst through, and to his astonishment, there was no one in there. Shaken and worried, he thought to lock the door back, only to find there was no lock. Very nervous he decided it was time to leave. On the way back upstairs in the same place, the exact same hammer, his hammer, fell down again, this time it grazed his back on it's fall. The Professor left, but to this day refuses to go in to the Drama building.

Most of these stories were taken frommy father Larry Standridge's book The Ghost's of Nacogdoches

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