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Should bio's change often? Mine seems to though my life isn't progressing much since I sat down at Everything. I think that I'm obsessively self-conscious and tend to over-analyze everything I say or do to the point where it becomes meaningless such as this-as well as alluding to bad grammer. I also can't seem to stop my run-on sentences. Maybe your wondering (but probably not) why I'm called Chester being openly female. I knew this kid in Ireland named Chester, nickname The Jester- I personally am not a jester at one point this year I forgot how to laugh. That is scary ...but I digress. I just love the name. I'm not planning on having any kids, lack pets at the moment, and no one else likes the name-meaning they won't name their kids or pets Chester, so the only thing left to name was myself. AHH-sigh of relief. Why are names associated with girls or boys? Besides Chester is so obviously a kitties name. Meow... I like to be touched, back rubs and scratches are always welcome.

My other favorite name is Oliver- at this point you could say she has bad taste- it's been said before. This will be updated (i.e. changed) either weekly or daily or hourly as I decide I like or dislike or hate or...

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