I think (therefore I am)... perhaps I'll start again. I think one of the base premises’ of physics is that time is always going on, as in all of time is happening at once.

This is interesting to me because it seems to me that time comes and goes, this isn't waxing philosophical but rather waxing sentimental. Like when it takes a year to go through a minute or a second to go through a month. When time twists you all up and you can't remember what you did last night because you thought it was this afternoon. Or how when your young, it takes such a long time to pass through a year. Can you remember waiting to just be old enough to go to school? Can you remember how quickly your last four years of school went? Someone once told me this was a ratio to your life. Such as when one was four, one year was a fourth of their life and alternately when one is forty, one year is 1/40th of their life. If you like math it makes sense.

If all of time is happening at once it sure makes deja vu a little more understandable.