TIME is a magazine published weekly except for occasional combined, extra or expanded issues. TIME pretends to be the most interesting magazine in the world. It focuses on news.

Time Magazine:

Time Magazine shipped its first publication on March 3, 1923, over 3,700 issues, with the original intent to chronicle history "as it has happened". Time has actually been significant in shaping world opinions and "enlivening the intellect of its readers" (quote: Time, Inc.).
Time publishes more than 400 geographic and demographic editions, which reach more than 30 million readers worldwide. Time has also become a significant news journal in cyberspace, with Time Online and Time Daily on America Online and on Time Warner's Pathfinder Internet site. Time's web address is :


Although Time is the leader in the general target market, the international magazine Newsweek plays strong competition. Time's circulation at home in the United States is 4,000,000 weekly, and international circulation reaches 1,460,000. facts courtesy of Time, Inc.

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