Crippled UFO Orbiting Earth!
Scientists Say UFO Aliens Probing Area Anii In Desperate Search For Fuel!!

Are Nostradamus' Predictions Finally Coming True?

The National Enquirer is a weekly magazine that is usually sold in a stand at the checkout counter of the market. It has a huge circulation (from their website: "The world's largest weekly newspaper has a circulation of over 2,300,000 with over 14,000,000 readers") and is famous for articles about celebrity scandals, weight loss and UFOs. (Like Time magazine, but with larger print and three times as many readers). Perhaps the most famous of that crass class of publications referred to as "tabloids", "scandal sheets" and "gossip rags".
If you're buying the National Enquirer for strange UFO stories, you'll likely be disappointed. The magazine seems to have shifted its main focus to celebrity gossip. There are also some stories about other scandals (it's one of the few publications still closely following the JonBenet Ramsey case), and assorted human interest stories.

If you want to read about UFOs, there's always the Weekly World News.

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