A chain of stores now expanding throughout the United States. This store allows you to build your own teddy bear.

The first step to this process is Choose Me. At this station the customer chooses which stuffed animal he/she would like. There is a large selection including cats, dogs, and even a turtle.

Then the customer moves on to Hear Me. At this station he/she picks a sound he would like in his animal. He can create his own if he'd like.

Next is the Stuff Me station. Here the animal is filled with a cotton stuffing. The customer then puts a heart in the bear. He should make a wish on this bear. Then the bear builder sews the animal for the customer.

After Stuff Me the customer must proceed to Fluff Me. Here the animal is given a air bath. All extra fluff is cleaned off.

The next step in the Bear Building Process is Dress me. Here a large selection of clothes is avilable to dress the animal in.

The next two stations are hand in hand. First Name me. This is where one goes to a computerand makes a birth certificate or a story for the animal. Then the customer goes to Take Me Home where he pays, gets a cub condo and goes home.

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