Oh, how fast things turn on a dime.

Donald Trump racked up a huge popular victory and most of the delegates in the early part of the 2016 US Elections. The charismatic entrepreneur, as most people know by now - ran a self-funded, independent Republican candidacy that simultaneously upped the ante of xenophobic dog-whistling during the past eight years, and poised himself to take over a party in shambles now beholden to weird fundamentalist Jesus freaks and racist rednecks.

And again the scariest part of this is that unlike Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz, he hasn't taken any SuperPAC money and doesn't owe any big businesses or big banks any favors. This is why the old guard part of the Republicans quietly and quickly rallied behind Cruz. Trump in essence destroyed the careers of rising Republican stars Marco Rubio and Chris Christie, after clearing the board forever of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina who were sitting at the kid's table during the debates anyway.  

Rubio didn't even win his own state. The Hail Mary pass to try to save any political future he had was to hope that Ted Cruz would appoint him to something once he won. The remaining Republicans in essence tried to mount an 11th hour futile defense against the Trump train, and everyone threw all their chips on the table, calling the bluff.

And given they were losing, the remaining candidates decided to jump into the gutter. After insinuating Donald Trump had a small penis (not making any of this up) they decided to push a salacious picture of Trump's wife, sort of insinuating that the would-be First Lady had no class. You see, whereas Trump is a populist, he's a divorcee and not a fundamentalist Christian - and they tried going hard in the paint to court the anti-Trump, pro-Christian votes in droves with "Anointed King Anointed by Christ to usher in the end times" Cruz. That cost him Utah, and the game plan was to put forth true CHRISTIAN candidate with CHRISTIAN, ULTRA-PRO-LIFE, NO HOLLYWOOD, NO DRUGS Cruz vs Trump.

When the picture of Trump's wife came into play Trump warned Cruz not to go there - that he'd "spill the beans" on Cruz's wife. And with that nod, the press went hunting.

And they found Cruz's five mistresses. One is a prostitute.

Oh dear.

Oh dear dear, dear dear dear.

If there's one thing the Southern Baptist and Evangelical types hate more than divorce, it's adultery. Never mind FIVE mistresses. Never mind sex workers.

The only thing that would have been worse was finding out one of the prostitutes was male.

Cruz is most likely finished. Trump probably had this information early on - ran up the table against him stabbing some of the Republicans in the back on his way up and waiting for the rest to go all-in with the one remaining sort-of competitor he had left. Waited for them all to commit to wholesome, family values Cruz, then dropped this bombshell. Then dropped the mic. You want to talk about a masterful reality game show move - Survivor had nothing on this. He literally put ALL the other candidates on a skewer. The corpses of all the careers ruined by this guy piling up looks like an out-take from Game of Thrones.

Also out today was the revelation that Trump's likely presidency has already made Ford Motor Company apologize for outsourcing to Mexico - one phone call from Trump, and Ford has announced it's bringing some of the production and jobs that were sent there back to the United States.

That's a double coup. Not even President yet, and the corporations are apologizing for running out on the country. Not even President yet, and he's bringing jobs back. 


Hillary's in trouble.

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