In 1997, in a rather cartoony angle, the WWF split up The Undertaker with his long time manager, Paul Bearer. In order to get revenge, Bearer revealed that 'taker had a past: as a boy, he started a fire in which his parents and brother died. Later it was revealed that not only was Kane alive (though baddly scarred and muted), but he was in fact Paul Bearer's child by Undertaker's mother.

When the WWF finally brought in Kane (his name a play on the story of Cain and Abel), it was noted with some amount of amusement that this huge, deadly, red masked bohemoth was in fact the same wrestler who earlier played the part of the deadly dentist Isacc Yankem. Kane demonstrated his outrage with the world by chokeslamming and tombstoning every wrestler in sight: his style was little more than an adaptation of that of Undertaker.

In time, Kane was liberalized into a face when he turned on Bearer. For a time he tag teamed with X-Pac, and they won the world title. Several attempts, peaking around this time, were made to make Kane's speaking allowable, although up to this point, they have been failures. X-Pac turned on Kane, and for a short time afterward Kane was managed by Tori. Tori in turn sided with X-Pac. This caused Kane to bring Paul Bearer back.

Former WWF Heavyweight Champion.
3-time former WWF Tag Team Champion.

Kane is a character portrayed by professional wrestler Glen Jacobs in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Over the course of time since his debut in 1997, Kane has been revealed to be the "half-brother" of popular character The Undertaker and the "son" of manager Paul Bearer.

Originally believed to have been horribly scarred as a child - the consequence of an accident caused by a young Undertaker - it was slowly revealed that Kane's scarring was not physical, but rather emotional. Nonetheless, Kane's foray into the world of professional wrestling, in the footsteps of his older sibling, has led to a long journey drenched with hellfire and brimstone.

Kane's first year was an eventful one, as he first sought revenge against the Undertaker by helping Shawn Michaels win not one, but two huge matches against the Dead Man. Kane however, was to then lose two matches against his brother, once at Wrestlemania XIV and again, in the inaugural Inferno Match at Unforgiven in early 1998. Nonetheless, it was the Undertaker who inadvertently gave Kane his first title - the World Championship - when he knocked out Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood match at King of the Ring 1998. However, Kane was to lose it the very next night to Austin.

Kane would later go on to hold the Tag Team titles with Mankind when they defeated the New Age Outlaws on RAW. Although each title reign lasted no more than a month, Kane would go on to become a multi-time tag team champion with several partners including X-Pac, The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam and the Undertaker himself (as The Brothers of Destruction).

The Big Red Machine, as he was often referred to, continued to stay in the main event, constantly challenging for, but never winning the World Title belt again. He was constantly a thorn in the side of every wrestler in the WWE, for he had the size, strength and agility to threaten every title reign.

2001 was a time of much hoping for fans of Kane, as he began the year with an impressive show of dominance at the Royal Rumble and later went on to win both the Hardcore title at Wrestlemania and the Intercontinental title at Judgment Day that same year. However, it was short-lived, and although Kane is back in the highest echelon of wrestling greats, he has no championship gold to show for it.

However, it was in 2003 that Kane suddenly became revived for a new generation of viewers. The year began with Rob Van Dam and Kane as Tag Team Champions on RAW. However, Kane proved to be a liability when their opponents (Triple H and Batista) removed his mask in mid-match. This led to a whole lot of growing resentment between Kane and RVD, but the team still stayed together.

However, it was in June that year, at Madison Square Garden, that Kane was able to enter the annals of history yet again. In a "Title VS Mask" match, Triple H would put his World Heavyweight Title on the line in a bout with Kane, but if Kane lost, he would unmask, revealing his face after six years of hiding it. To cut the long story short, Kane would eventually remove his red mask, and truly become a real monster.

In April 2004, Kane took his rampage to a whole new level when he demanded an offspring from popular WWE Diva Lita. He impregnated Lita and later married her, in a most bizarre wedding on the 23rd of August. Recently, Lita suffered a miscarriage, losing Kane's first hope at progeny. The latest in a series of misfortunes since his arrival in the WWE, one cannot imagine how much worse Kane's life might become in the near future.

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