The Brotherhood of Nod is a terrorist force, lead by the bald, charming, and devilish Kane (Kane , AKA Caine, Jacob (Interpol, File TRX11-12Q); al-Quayym, Amir (MI6 DR-416.52)). They were the first to prefect the tiberium harvesting technique that is currently used worldwide, which allowed nod to become the richest army on the planet. Currently they hold 49% of the worlds tiberum, with GDI holding 29% and the other 21% behind held by independent factions]. The date they were founded is unknown. Some exaggerated reports claim the organization was founded before the year 1800 B.C.

The Brotherhood of Nod may have infact have been created 1800 B.C., but it's more likely they took the name from the bible story of Cane and Able. In the story, Cane kills Able as a sacrifice towards God; God refuses his sacrifice, saying that killing one's own kind is wrong. He put a mark upon his forehead and cast him out. Cane wondered around till he found the land of nod, which is said to be a hellish place, and the home ground of vampires.

The war between Nod and GDI continued onto the 22nd century, and was a high-tech and brutal war fought mainly on the continents of Asia and Africa. In the end, GDI forces prevailed against NOD in a battle at Sarajevo. In this battle the command center for Kane's operations was attacked by an ion cannon and he is thought to be dead. Following this, NOD forces began to break up and now are divided into several factions.

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