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Korgath's Little Record of Accomplishment

24th Jan 03 - Received first C! for Smoking in Singapore thanks to stewacide.

24th Jan 03 - First node, Smoking in Singapore to have more than 10 upvotes!

30th Jan 03 - First time on Chatterbox. Receives reply from haze. Eternally awed.

31st Jan 03 - Received second C! for Robin Lefler thanks to sekicho.

1st Feb 03 - Attained level 2. Waits impatiently for Sunday to go on upvoting spree.

3rd Feb 03 - Received third C! for Crippler Crossface thanks to Mitchevious.

4th Feb 03 - Inducted into e2comix group. Named "The Terrible" by group leader Quizro. Unsure whether to laugh or cry.

4th Feb 03 - Fellow e2comix group member allseeingeye pencils Korgath the Terrible into the "villian to compete with" column. Again, emotions vary.

4th Feb 03 - First node It seemed like a good idea at the time to be marked for destruction. Klaproth says "Isolated quote, not enough to stand alone."

15th Feb 03 - Received fourth C! for Desert Storm thanks to Jet-Poop.

18th Feb 03 - First node, Spider-Woman to have more than 20 upvotes!

20th Feb 03 - Received fifth C! for Exiles thanks to Jet-Poop again!

31st Oct 03 - Received sixth C! for Truth: Red, White & Black thanks to Timeshredder!

28th Oct 04>/b> - Received seventh C! for Kane thanks to Mitchevious again!

Future things to node:

  • The Crew - Priest's failed attempt at group dynamics.
  • War Machine - Rhodey, baby!
  • Bikini Karate Babes - This will be a blast.
  • USAgent - John Walker. Chuck Austen must die.