One of the World Wrestling Federation's more intruiging Pay-Per-View events, usually held in June of each year.

The idea behind it is to have a tournament of almost all the midcard wrestlers in the federation, culminating in one of them being crowned "King of the Ring" in the finals at the PPV event. Usually, the qualifying matches and the first few rounds will be held on the WWF's cable TV shows, with the last 2 or 3 rounds occurring at the PPV itself.

The winner of the KoTR tournament is usually in line for a major push--he's considered the person who the WWF brass consider the "next big thing". It is used as a stepping stone, to propel the winner into upper-level feuds and, hopefully, into the main event.

Success has been varied, as you can see by looking at the past Kings of the Ring:

Bret Hart (1993): Was already a main eventer, this was to placate him after the debacle that occurred at Wrestlemania IX.

Owen Hart (1994): This victory was actually the peak of his career. Never went on to much afterwards, but for the ultra-hot Hart Foundation angle in 1996-97.

Mabel (1995): One of the WWF's absolute worst moments. Went on to briefly feud with WWF Champion Diesel immediately afterwards to try to push him, which was thankfully aborted. He came back as Viscera in 1998 to just as little success.

Stone Cold Steve Austin (1996): One of the WWF's absolute BEST moments. He coined the now-famous "Austin 3:16" catchphrase during the coronation ceremony, and after a few more months in the midcard, went on to feud with Bret Hart later in the year. After that, he was pretty much propelled into the stratosphere, winning the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania XIV and never looking back.

HHH (1997): Went on to feud with Mankind (who he beat in the finals) in a highly successful series of matches in the summer of '97, then going on to start Degeneration X with Shawn Michaels. Since then, he has won the WWF Championship multiple times and is considered one of the top stars of the federation.

Ken Shamrock (1998): Went on to do, er, nothing of note. He has since left the WWF and is back doing Ultimate Fighting.

Billy Gunn (1999): Just as big a failure as Shamrock. He has repeatedly shown an inability to draw a crowd reaction at all in singles competition, which led to him rejoining the New Age Outlaws and then thankfully buried some time later.

Kurt Angle (2000): Ahh. He had already won the European and Intercontinental Championships at this point, and this was just another notch on his belt. He went on to become WWF Champion only a few short months later, and is currently deeply involved in the WCW Invasion angle.

Edge (2001): He's considered a great prospect as a singles wrestler (he's been paired with Christian for several years now), but he just won the tournament and it's too early to tell.

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