So, my fiance, my brother and I were going to see our very first RAW is WAR live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since my brother and I live in St. John's, a place where Vince McMahon wouldn't bother to take a dump, let alone bring a wrestling show, this was a big thing for us.

While waiting outside the stadium, we were looking at the signs that everyone had prepared in the hopes that their picture, or statement or witty remark would make it on to TSN. (One guy had an excellent painting of the Hurricane done in the style of a comic book and my brother completely marked out over it) We hadn't brought signs because we were so far in the nosebleeds it was a waste of time.

Now, my friends had been complaining for some time about the Undertaker, and how his constant no-selling was making him look like he was too lazy to get out of his own way. Not only does it make him look bad, it makes his opponent look bad too.

Did I mention that Ottawa, other than being the nation's capital, was also a town where any shmoe with an information technology diploma could get a job with Nortel? Or, used to be able to, until the technology bust forced Nortel to let a ton of people go. And that these poor unfortunates had stock options which were worth almost nothing.

So, this is the funniest sign from RAW is WAR on October 15th, 2001 that never made it on television. I'm sure the guy that made it wasn't bitter at all.

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