When I worked for a telecommunications company as a Nortel Norstar certified technician, my easiest calls always came on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time. This was because as the Norstar system got older, it would tend to forget to change the time. For the reason of spite (my company made big bucks off of this), here is how you can do it.(Note:YMMV, especially if someone changes all of the passwords on you, and this can only be done on a M7310, M7324 or T7316 telephone.)

  • Press the Feature key.
  • Type in 266344. (this spells out CONFIG)
  • Type in 22742. (this spells out BASIC)
  • the screen will read Terminals and Sets and 4 arrows will light up near the keys on the bottom right part of the phone.
  • Press the bottom right key until the display reads Time and Date.
  • Press the top right key.
  • Using the softkeys (the 3 keys directly under the display) change the date.
  • Press the bottom right arrow key.
  • Using the softkeys again, change the time and hit the RLS key.

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