A nobleman of Nosgoth, Kain was assaulted and murdered by street thugs outside a tavern. The necromancer Mortanius bargained with the dying Kain, offering him a chance at eternal life and, more importantly, vengeance. Kain agreed, and returned to the land of the living as a vampire. In Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, you guide Kain through a broken and dying Nosgoth, hungry for vengeance against his killers. In his travels, Kain acquires a variety of weapons, armor, and spells to aid him in the cleansing of Nosgoth.

I personally would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the concept of the anti-hero.

Kain (?), n. ScotsLaw

Poultry, etc., required by the lease to be paid in kind by a tenant to his landlord.

Wharton (Law Dict.).


© Webster 1913.

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