Character from Final Fantasy IV by Squaresoft. Father of Anna, love interest of bard prince Edward Galbart Chris von Muir of Damcyan. Trained as a sage in Mysidia with current Elder. Became master of both white and black magic. After having his daughter he stopped all havings-to-do with magic and progressively began to forget what he had learned. Did not want Anna to marry a spoony bard.

Full Name: Tellah
Class: Sage / Master Magician
Age: 60
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthplace: Mysidia
        ^^^ Stats Source: Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryouhen

Walkthrough of Tellah's contribution to FFIV:
Tellah discovers that his daughter Anna has eloped to Damcyan with a bard that he had forbidden her to see (Edward), so he leaves Kaipo and journies north intent on stopping her. On the way he meets dark knight Cecil Harvey of Baron and caller Rydia of Mist. As they are travelling in the same direction, Tellah decides to go with them.

Just before reaching Damcyan, Tellah watches as it is sacked by Baron's Red Wings. He rushes to the castle, but is too late. Anna has died, shielding her lover from arrows. In a rage, Tellah attacks him and calls him a "spoony bard" (Square trans). It turns out to be the surviving prince of Damcyan, Edward Galbart Chris von Muir.

Tellah regains control of himself and changes the direction of his rage to destroying the Red Wings. He leaves Cecil and Rydia and continues on his own. Deciding that he is too weak in his present state, Tellah heads off to Mysidia to retrain himself in magic.

Instead of going back to see the elder, Tellah heads directly to Mt. Ordeals seeking the ultimate black magic, Meteo. He is surprised to run into Cecil again. The dark knight tells him of his transpirings and about Golbez. The mages Palom and Porom who are travelling with Cecil introduce themselves. Tellah makes a quick choice, deciding to travel with Cecil again to the top of the mountain.

At the summit Tellah has a revelation. He remembers all of his forgotten magic, and is given power of Meteo. Cecil also goes through a change, becoming a paladin.

Now feeling ready to face Baron and Golbez, Tellah journies with Cecil's party through the serpent tunnel. They are joined by monk Yang Fang Leiden. The five muck through the sewers of Baron and face the king, who loses to them in battle and dies.

At this point Palom and Porom petrify themselves to save the rest of the party from conracting walls. Tellah is saddened, but it just adds to his anger. He is frustrated to hear that Golbez had escaped with the Red Wings.

Cecil's friend, engineer Cid Pollendina, provides the party with his new airship. On his first flight, Cecil is proposed a trade by his ex-friend dragoon Kain Highwind: his lover white wizard Rosa Farrell for the earth crystal held by the kingdom of Toroia. Cecil accepts, and Tellah decides to quest with him with the plan of destroying Golbez during the trade.

The party journies to Toroia only to find that the crystal has already been taken by the Dark Elf. They also discover that Edward had been found on the beach and was currently being nursed back to health. Tellah meets with him, and after a short talk forgives him for his daughter's death.

The party captures the earth crystal from the dark elf, but instead of giving it back to Toroia they head towards Golbez's Tower of Zot. During the meeting, Golbez angers Tellah further and he attacks. He holds back at first, but seeing that his magic is having little effect Tellah unleashes Meteo on Golbez.

Golbez is defeated, but the already weakened Tellah is now dying from the strain. With his last breath, he implores Cecil to continue his battle and avenge him. Cecil says that he will. Tellah dies.

The sage is not seen again until the party's final battle against Zemus. His spirit urges Cecil on and provides him with energy to continue his fight. In the end, Tellah is avenged by Cecil on the true foe, Zeromus. I would think that he would be content.

disclamer: please note that I have included a bit of poetic license in my write-up. Actual events in the game may differ very slightly.

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