A fictional city in the Final Fantasy series of games by Squaresoft. In Final Fantasy IV for the Super Nintendo (Final Fantasy II in the United States) Mysidia is invaded by the Red Wings of Baron who come to take a magical crystal in the posession of the Mysidian throne. The attack on Mysidia at the very start of the game serves to introduce moral amiguity since Cecil, hero of the game and leader of the Red Wings, is disturbed by the evidently evil nature of his orders. Few Nintendo games had explored such obviously conficting moral themes and most preferred instead to star unambigously upright heros.

Eventually in the course of the game the heros return to Mysidia where they receive a cold reception. One bartender poisons the party and one dancer turns them into pigs. After Cecil's transformation into a Paladin at Mount Ordeals some Mysidians are won over but the dancer still turns him into a pig whenever she is spoken to.

Mysidia may also be a corruption of Mycenia, the name for an early period of Greek civilization.

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