Lead character from Final Fantasy IV by Square. Son of KluYa (dead), the lunarian who gave magic to the world; nephew to FuSoYa; brother to Golbez. Abandoned in Baron at a young age and adopted by the King Baron. Trained as a Dark Knight under the King Baron (Odin). Befriended dragoon Kain Highwind, engineer Cid Pollendina, and white wizard Rosa Farrell (love interest). Rose to become commodore of the Red Wings, Baron's fleet of airships.

Full Name: Cecil Harvey
Class: Dark Knight ~ Paladin
Age: 20
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Birthplace: Mt. Ordeals
        ^^^ Stats Source: Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryouhen

Walkthrough of Cecil's contribution to FFIV:
Cecil spoke against the King Baron when his persuit of the crystals became irrational. For this, he lost his post on the Red Wings and was given an extermination mission with friend Kain on Mist, the town of callers.

Although they did not intend to complete their mission, Kain and Cecil successfully destroyed Mist. Sickened by himself, Cecil deserted Baron and set off with the town's lone survivor, caller Rydia. He intended to warn other kingdoms about Baron's crusades, but was wholly unsuccessful at Damcyan and Fabul, and their crystals were taken.

After inlisting the help of the monk Yang Fang Leiden from Fabul and prince Edward Galbart Chris von Muir of Damcyan, Cecil planned an assault on Baron. Unfortunately, his ship was attacked by Leviathan during the journey and he and his companions were separated.

Cecil found himself stranded on Mysidia, a country of magicians from which he had previously plundered a crystal. Being at their mercy, he pleaded for help against Baron but was refused. The elder saw Cecil's attempt for redemption, though, and told him that if he were to cast down his black sword and be cristened a paladin at the top of Mt. Ordeals, this would prove that his mission was true and Mysidia would then allow him passage to Baron. And so, with the aid of Palom and Porom, twin mages training under the elder, Cecil set off to Mt. Ordeals.

On his way up the mountain, Cecil joined up with master magician Tellah whom he had met previously on his journey to Damcyan. With his aid and that of the twin mages, Cecil reached the peak of Mt. Ordeals. There he fought a psychological battle with himself and was reborn a holy knight, the paladin.

Cecil returned to Mysidia and the four made their way through the serpent tunnel into Baron. He rejoined with Yang, who was working there as a guard. The party of five mucked their way through Baron's sewers and snuck into the castle.

Cecil confronted the King Baron and was attacked. Fighting together, the party was able to put the bad king down. With his dying breath, the king sentenced the party to death by forcing the walls of the throne room to close. Palom and Porom propped themselves against the walls and petrified themselves, saving Cecil, Tellah, and Yang with their sacrifice.

After restoring Castle Baron to order, Cecil meets with Cid who gives him a new airship, the Enterprise. On his first flight, Cecil encounters Golbez, the new commodore of the Red Wings. Golbez offers Cecil a deal: the Earth crystal of Toroia in exchange for Rosa, whom he had previously kidnapped. Cecil reluctantly agrees.

The party captures the crystal from Toroia and trades it for Rosa in the Tower of Zot. Tellah is killed in a battle with Golbez, and Kain, who was working under Golbez, rejoins Cecil after the trade.

At this point, it is thought that Golbez had obtained all the crystals necessary for his devious plans, but it is discovered that in addition to the five crystals of light there are five crystals of darkness in the underworld. Cecil still has a chance to win. He journies underground on the Enterprise, and meets the dwarves as well as their king, Giott. Cecil is unsuccessful at guarding Giott's crystal from Golbez.

Cecil and co., now re-united with Rydia (she was swallowed by Leviathan), climb the Tower of Bab-il to try to steal back a crystal. They fail (suckas), and Yang is killed (sort-of). Now on the run, they attempt to leave the underground the way they came and blow closed the hole with a bomb to keep Golbez underground. Cid is blown off the airship and left to rott underground.

Cecil sulks it up a little bit, but then decides to make another attempt on the Tower of Bab-il, this time from the overworld. The party enters the tower through a cave next to a wrecked Castle Eblan. On the way, Cecil is joined by ninja prince of Eblan Edward Geraldine, aka Edge.

Unfortunately, the party is tricked again and they fall through a trap door back down to the underworld part of the tower. They luck upon one of Golbez's new airships, and take it. Edge christens it Falcon.

After having failed twice to steal back the crystals, Cecil now plans to find the last dark crystal before Golbez. Cid, nourished back to health by the dwarves, fixes the new airship to be able to fly over magma; he does not, however, rejoin the party.

Cecil enters the sealed cave, which holds the last crystal of darkness, with a key given to him by Giott. The party successfully captures the crystal, but as they are preparing to leave Kain attacks Cecil and escapes, switching his allegiance yet again to Golbez.

Angered and a little distraught, Cecil and co. head back up to the overworld and meet with the elder of Mysidia. He tells them that now that all of the crystals are together, it is time to bring up the Big Whale, a huge airship with the capability to fly to the moon. I think that the translation from Japanese to English really loses something on that one.

So Cecil and his party are flown to the moon. There, they meet lunarian FuSoYa. He tells them the history of the lunarians, about KluYa, and informs Cecil that Golbez is being controlled by a restless lunarian named Zemus. FuSoYa advises a quick return from the moon to confront the (robotic) Giant of Bab-il, which was awakened by the gathering of the crystals, before it can wreak to much havoc.

As Cecil and party return, they see the giant storming across Eblan, being blasted by the dwarves' tanks and Baron's airforce. The party makes a quick run towards the giant and leap into its mouth. They journey through the mass of machinery and destroy it's CPU (pretty sad, really).

Golbez storms out, angered that all of his plans have been destroyed. FuSoYa faces him and breaks Zemus's control. Golbez regains his memory, and realizes that he is KluYa's first son, Cecil's brother. At first, he is stricken with guilt about everything he is done. Then, a need for vengeance. Golbez and FuSoYa leave to face Zemus. As Cecil and co. attempt to escape the giant, they are met by Kain. Left with no alternative, he rejoins Cecil who reluctantly accepts him.

The party decides that they should help Golbez and FuSoYa take Zemus on, so they fly to the moon on the Big Whale. After a long fight down to the sublunarian depths, Cecil walks in on the confrontation between Zemus, FuSoYa, and Golbez. The battle is short, and Zemus is destroyed.

There is a short period of rejoicing, and then the incarnate of badness, Zeromus, arises from Zemus's ashes. It easily beats down FuSoYa and Golbez, and kills the whole party except Cecil, who lies horribly wounded. He crawls over to his brother, who gives him a crystal and implores him to do battle with the last of his strength.

Back on earth, everbody is sending there wishes to the party. Slowly but surely, this revives them enough that they are able to attack Zeromus. Cecil uses the dark crystal, showing Zeromus's true form. Then, Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge pound it to oblivion.

Cecil's ending is sweet. Golbez decides to go into extended sleep with FuSoYa, until such a time that the world can forgive him. Cecil calls him brother, and says goodbye. When they are back on Earth, Cecil is married to Rosa and is crowned the new king of Baron. In the ceremony, each character except Kain pays homeage to him and his Queen: King Edward of Damcyan, King Edward of Eblan, Lady Rydia, Lord Yang, wizards Palom and Porom, and Chief Engineer Cid.

He lives happily ever after.

disclamer: please note that I have included a bit of poetic license in my write-up. Actual events in the game may differ very slightly.

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