Ka D'Argo is a Luxan warrior on the sci-fi series Farscape played by Anthony Simcoe. He is roughly 30 cycles old. Though he tells others that he was imprisoned for killing a fellow warrior, the truth is that he was framed for the killing of his Sebacean wife by the real murderer, her brother. He has one son from that marriage, Jothee. D'Argo spent 8 cycles on a maximum-security planet called Ikkar 7. He was assigned to the 93rd level in the Kemlec mines. His primary weapon (and most prized posession) is his qualta blade, a large broadsword which can convert into an energy rifle. He also has a long tongue which he can flick out to a distance of 5-6 feet and use to inject a fast-acting sedative into his target. Currently engaged in a close physical relationship with Chiana.

Ka D'Argo (played by Anthony Simcoe) is one of four escaped prisoners who are battling for their lives when the first season of Farscape begins.

D'Argo was framed for the murder of his Sebacean (human looking) wife, and arrested by the Peacekeeper forces. In actuality he is innocent, but this did not save him from serving several cycles (years) in the Peacekeeper prisons. Now he desires revenge on the actual murderer, his brother-in-law.

Taller than most of the other characters on the show, Ka D'Argo is human in shape but not in form. He has several tentacle-like forms that hang from his head like hair. He also has a beard and mustache of bright red. D'Argo is part of a warrior race called Luxan, and as such enjoys combat. His facial features also include a chin that is shaped like a goatee. On it is the tattoo of a Luxan general, but he never ranked that high. He took on the tattoo to save the life of the real general in one of the battles, causing a distraction that allowed them to win. He has a precious gun/blade (a Qualta) called Lo'La in honor of his wife. This weapon is his preferred in any situation, as it is capable of shooting pulse blasts as well as handling well in hand to hand combat. He has also recently acquired a new ship that can only be flown by a Luxan. With this ship he has saved the crew more than once, and has found new purpose in life.

From his marriage he also has an estranged son Jothee, who was later found to be a slave bought by John Crichton's biggest enemy Scorpius. After almost trading John's life, they were able to rescue Jothee, who spent quite a few episodes with the crew. He left soon after D'Argo found out he was sleeping with Chiana, who D'Argo had had a relationship with for a while. It wasn't until the Peacekeeper Wars movie that he was finally able to begin to trust Chiana again, and they resumed their love. If only he had survived the movie so that they could have a real life together.

Ka D'Argo is one of the first characters John Crichton meets after being shot across the galaxy. John looks like a Peacekeeper, who Ka D'Argo is fighting, and his ship suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Both these facts lend credability to the reaction D'Argo has upon meeting him: he threatens his life. Thus, D'Argo's personality is born; he's a man of little words, and big guns. The relationship that builds between Ka D'Argo and John is amazing considering their beginnings. Through the years, these two have solved or beaten anything and everything that they've encountered.

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