"I'm Rygel XVI, Dominar to over 600 billion people. I don't need to talk to you." - Rygel to Crichton in the Premiere of Farscape

Dominar of the Hynerian Empire, he was deposed 100-250 cycles ago (sources vary) by his cousin Bishan while he slept, he was handed over to the Peacekeepers to be kept prisoner. Originally kept aboard the Zelbinion, he was tortured for several cycles by Captain Durkha, but never broke. While being shipped to a lifers colony aboard a Leviathan, he was able to bribe the maintenance drones and secure the codes needed to open the cells aboard Moya. This allowed Rygel to escape along with Ka D'Argo, a Luxan warrior, and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, a Delvian priestess, and John Crichton, a human astronaut who was accidently catapulted into the middle of the Leviathan's battle to escape.

Note that this is a fictional character from the Sci-Fi series Farscape.

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