A large military organization from the Skiffy original TV series Farscape.

On the farside of the galaxy the Peacekeepers are the law. An extremely xenophobic group made up of Sebaceans, they control the majority of space out side of The Uncharted Territories and Tormented Space . The location of, or information on a home planet has never been given, though orders are siphoned down from Peacekeeper High Command. They are mostly known for being mercenaries and hired assassins. They are both hated and feared by the other races. The PKs only opposition are the Scarrens, and the Nebari.

PK officers and Techs (scientists, engineers, and technicians, generally treated like scum even among the PK organization) are both voluntarily/involuntarily conscripted from youth, and bred to fill the ranks. The organization consists of commandos that are trained in both ground and flight combat. They have often been compared to Nazis due to their purity regulations, both in conscription and duty. A PK can be deemed “irreversibly contaminated” if they become sympathetic to aliens, or spend too much time alone in an alien environment. PKs are extremely strict in their compliance to duty. Failure to follow orders or complete a task successfully usually end in imprisonment, torture, and even execution.

Six different ship classes have been featured on the show. In order of size they are:

  • Command Carrier – A large interplanetary curser. Command Carriers are, for the most part home to PK forces. Here is where they are born, trained, and given orders. It carries a large accompaniment of support craft and boasts four frag cannons in addition to other weapons.
  • Leviathan – Not a PK built ship, but a sentient, living ship. Either captured or born in captivity, they are used as both cargo and prisoner transports. An experimental PeaceKeeper/Leviathan hybrid named Talyn was created, being the only one surviving birth.
  • Vigilante – A medium sized assault craft. Generally used as CC escort ships. They can carry about half the fire power of a CC and a small crew.
  • Marauder – A small personnel transport, usually used for boarding parties and long term missions.
  • Assualt Marauder – A new version of the Marauder class ship, with heavier armour, greater weaponry load, but slightly less space for personnel.
  • Prowler – Light interceptor type fighter. A two person attack craft (generally flown solo) often flown in squadrons, and used as Marauder escorts.

The major PK characters on Farscape in order of appearance are:

  • Bialar Crais – Lani Tupu – Formerly a PK Captain who pursued Crichton for killing his brother, when their ships had a near collision in the premier, sending Crais’ brother’s prowler spiraling into a asteroid. Eventually he defected and became the captain of Talyn. He is now dead.
  • Aeryn Sun – Claudia Black - Deemed irreversibly contaminated by Crais in the premier. She reluctantly joined Moya’s crew, and over time learned that there is more to life than just being a prowler pilot, and fell in love with Crichton. When Moya gave birth she was chosen to name the new offspring ship, and chose Talyn, after her father.
  • Gilina - Alyssa-Jane Cook - PK Tech. She was not Crichton’s first love interest (Aeryn was) but she was the first one that he got anywhere with. She was not given a rank or full name, the common mark of a secondary character, but was a profound influence on the show. She only appeared in four episodes; PK Tech Girl, Nerve, The Hidden Memory (in which she died), and John Quixote (in which she appeared as part of a game based on Crichton’s memories).
  • Durka – David Wheeler - Captain Selto Durka was in command of the CC Zelbinion, up until its destruction by a Nebari scout vessel. There are still questions of how this happened, but we eventually found that Durkha had faked his death during the battle, and escaped in a escape pod. He was also the one who tortured Rygel when he was first imprisoned on board the Zelbinion. He was mind cleansed by the Nebari, and eventually took over the Zenetan pirates. He was finally beheaded by Rygel. He appeared in PK Tech Girl, Durkha Returns, and Liars Guns And Money Part 2: With Friends Like These.
  • Scorpius – Wayne Pygram – A Sebacean/Scarren hybrid. He is a scientist with no official rank but only takes orders from PK high command. Her peruses Crichton for his wormhole knowledge.
  • Braca – Originally Crais’ lieutenant on the CC. He betrayed Crais to Scorpius, then Scorpius to Grayza. Grayza eventually promoted him to the rank of captain. A promotion he did neither earn or deserve. As far As I can remember or find his first name wasn’t given.
  • Commandant Mele-on Grayza – Rebecca Riggs – High ranking PK officer who seeks a peaceful solution to the Scarren problem. She is a Sebacean who has been heavily genetically altered, including a Heppel gland.

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