Miss Portland Diner is an original, 1949 Worcester diner sitting in a funky location at 49 Marginal Way in Portland, ME. It's in really good shape, with much Art Deco detail and nicely finished hardwood cabinets and counters. During the week, lots of truck drivers and other working guy types like to go there. They are clearly chummy with the waitresses, and going there on a weekday we feel a little like we've invaded their scene.

On weekends, Miss Portland is jammed with families: little kids running up and down the narrow aisle and lots of pink-cheeked dads tucking into their corned beef hash. You can get one or two eggs with your breakfast special, and it will cost you the same. Miss Portland serves basic, no frills diner food, but that's all you really expect at a place like this. It's about the history, the atmosphere, the truck drivers.

The diner made a cameo appearance in the Mel Gibson film Man Without a Face.

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