One of the characters on Farscape, played by Gigi Edgley. Chiana joined the show near the end of first season, in the episode Durka Returns. She was a prisoner on a damaged ship that asked to dock on Moya for help. Her people, the Nebari, wanted to bring her home to be mind-cleansed because she was a non-conformist.

Chiana has pale gray skin, white hair, and blue blood. She is young and wild, a thief and a vamp. The conversation that I think best (and most amusingly) explains her personality is this:

Jules: Do you have any idea how much these boots cost?
Chiana: For me, three sex acts. For you, more like six.

Although generally the most reckless member of the crew, she occasionally has misgivings about a situation and generally proves to be correct.

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