From Farscape

A race of aliens from The Uncharted Territories. They are humanoid in appearance except that they have a grayish blue skin tone, and blue blood. The males have black hair and the females white. The other main difference is that are part of a forced conformity society. Those who do not conform are mind cleansed, a process of changing the subject's mind so that they are more restrained and single minded, but not zombies. Many have disagreed and started the Nebari resistance, which is either lead by Chiana’s brother or not (it is uncertain if he is still alive).

For the most party they stay within their small region of space. Yet they are technologically advanced enough to be able to compete with the Peacekeepers and Scarrens. This is evident in the fact that one Nebari scout ship destroyed the Zelbinion, the most feared Peacekeeper Command Carrier of its time.

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