Sebaceans are a species of humanoid alien from the television series Farscape. They appear almost identical to humans, but there are some significant differences. In addition to major cultural differences, Sebaceans are cold-blooded and have a hard time dealing with temperature extremes (especially heat).

There has been much speculation as to why humans and Sebaceans are so physically similar. Some feel it is an amazing coincidence while others feel that something more sinister may be the cause.

Much of Sebacean culture is taken up by the military organization of the Peacekeepers. Most Sebaceans are Peacekeepers, and through this organization, the Sebacean race has dominated its part of the galaxy. Few species (most notably, the Scarrans) have the technology to stand up to them.

Prominent Sebaceans from the show include: Aeryn Sun, Bialar Crais, Durka, Gilina, Scorpius (half-Sebacean, half-Scarran).

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