Ka D'Argo is a Luxan warrior on the sci-fi series Farscape played by Anthony Simcoe. He is roughly 30 cycles old. Though he tells others that he was imprisoned for killing a fellow warrior, the truth is that he was framed for the killing of his Sebacean wife by the real murderer, her brother. He has one son from that marriage, Jothee. D'Argo spent 8 cycles on a maximum-security planet called Ikkar 7. He was assigned to the 93rd level in the Kemlec mines. His primary weapon (and most prized posession) is his qualta blade, a large broadsword which can convert into an energy rifle. He also has a long tongue which he can flick out to a distance of 5-6 feet and use to inject a fast-acting sedative into his target. Currently engaged in a close physical relationship with Chiana.