Title: World War III, Part VI: Mageddon
Release Date: May 2000
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: Drew Geraci
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, Oracle, Steel, Orion, and Zauriel.
Guest Stars: Aztek, the Glimmer, Animal Man, Black Lightning, and Metron.
Bad Guys: Mageddon.
Cameos: Guy Gardner, the Flash (Jay Garrick), Hippolyta, Hitman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Nightwing, Gypsy, Argent, Firestorm, Supergirl, Deadman, Hawkgirl, the Ray, the Red Tornado, Wonder Girl, Mister Miracle, Hourman, Starfire, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Zatanna, Black Canary, J. J. Thunder, and a Skrull (hidden on the cover).
Special Features: Death of Aztek; writer Grant Morrison's last JLA issue.

So what happens?
Wars still run rampant across the globe as the malign influence of Mageddon drives violence, aggression, and despair to peak levels on Earth. How do you stop a weapon that has already caused countless planets to destroy themselves?

We open in Heaven, where Zauriel has just arrived after he was killed by the bombs that demolished the JLA Watchtower. He finds the other angels working on plans for a new universe and a new Earth to replace the one that they expect Mageddon to destroy...

Back on Earth, the Flash introduces the Glimmer to the other superheroes. The last survivor of Wonderworld, the Glimmer promises that he can help stop Mageddon, with the help of everyone on Earth. Hey, no problem...

The Martian Manhunter is shellshocked after discovering that Superman has been enslaved inside Mageddon, but Batman gets J'onn to agree to connect him to Superman's mind so he can talk the Man of Steel back to his senses. Meanwhile, Green Lantern is finally able to conquer his doubts and get his power ring working again, and Aquaman uses the military forces of Atlantis to start imposing peace all over the planet...

On Easter Island, Animal Man explains that Mageddon is stimulating the reptilian backbrain of the human brain to crank up territorial aggression. He, Steel, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, and Black Lightning set out to build a machine to block Mageddon's signal and temporarily awaken the dormant potential for superpowers within everyone on the planet...

In Heaven, Zauriel talks the angels into returning with him to Earth to try to stop Creation from being destroyed. They arrive on Earth and stop the world's leaders from starting global thermonuclear war. And out in space, Aztek, even blinded, returns to Mageddon. He encounters a dying Orion floating in space and heals him, then continues into the planet-sized annihilator...

J'onn puts Batman in contact with Superman's mind, and Bats is astounded and horrified by the despair and hopelessness overwhelming Supes' mind. Orion gets inside Mageddon, but he is quickly captured and restrained by Mageddon. While Batman desperately tries to talk Superman out of his despair, Aztek enters Mageddon and shuts down the containment field on the four-dimensional battery of his armor, causing an explosion that severely hurts Mageddon. Green Lantern arrives and frees Orion. On Earth, the armistice enforced by Atlantis and the angels is holding--unfortunately, Mageddon is scheduled to go nova in 30 minutes...

On Easter Island, the Flash and the Glimmer arrive, and the Glimmer uses his speed to power the machine--and just like that, everyone on Earth has superpowers, and they are off flying up to confront Mageddon. Batman's lecturing finally breaks Superman free of Mageddon's spell. Supes flies into Mageddon's power source and uses his ability to absorb sunlight to drain away Mageddon's power. Mageddon is shut down, Orion and Barda return to New Genesis, the JLA Watchtower gets rebuilt, and everything on Earth returns to normal. Whew!

Cool Moments!
The angels of Heaven joining Zauriel to defend Earth; Wonder Woman leading the superpowered populace of Earth against Mageddon; the whole thing is really pretty nifty.

Cool Quotes!
Green Lantern, concentrating on getting his ring working again: "You're throwing self-doubt at us? Mageddon, dude, you're up against the Jerry Springer generation."

Flash: "You look rough, Kyle, but...I can't believe I'm saying this...you look like Green Lantern, man."
Green Lantern: "Yeah. Finally starting to feel like him, too."

Martian Manhunter, describing mental contact with Mageddon: "...dark... empty... meaningless oblivion..."
Batman: "Sounds like my last date."

British prime minister, preparing to launch nukes: "Why not just press it? Better to go quickly...better to go by fire and light...Give the cockroaches a turn..."
Angel: "They're not quite ready for the responsibility, Mr. Prime Minister. Trust me."

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