A super-hero created by Dave Wood and Carmine Infantino for DC Comics. The character's first appearance was in Strange Adventures #180 in September 1965.

Buddy Baker is the real name of the man who would become known as Animal Man. A rebellious youth, Buddy went hunting in the Adirondack Mountains one day and came back changed. His origin is a bit hazy, the character having been invented an reinvented numerous times over the years. Ultimately, Buddy became linked to the Morphogenetic field, allowing him to imitate the attributes of any animal.

Donning a garish costume, Buddy became the hero Animal Man and had a short-lived super-hero career. He eventually hung up his tights and married his high school sweetheart.

Years later, he along with other minor heroes, including Dolphin and Cave Carson, banded together with the Immortal Man to battle Vandal Savage and the Forgotten Villains. This return to heroing continued as Animal Man went solo for a time, fighting different villains and learning something of his own origins in the process.

He joined the Justice League for a time, but his tenure with them was short-lived. He became an animal-rights activist which brought him into conflict with a shadow organization backed by some corporations. They threatened to kill his family if he did not cease his activism. When Buddy continued, his wife and children were killed. Buddy took on the corporation and killed those responsible for his family's death and through a number of really strange adventures, culminating with the discovery that he was a comic book character and a discussion with his creator, Grant Morrison.

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