Title: Inside Job
Release Date: August 1999
Writers: Mark Waid and Devin Grayson
Penciller: Mark Pajarillo
Inker: Walden Wong
JLA Members: Superman, Huntress, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, Barda, Orion, Zauriel, Plastic Man, and Steel.
Bad Guys: The Locus and various street gangs.

So what happens?
Okay, here's the backstory: Gotham City was recently all-but-flattened in an earthquake in the "Batman" comics, and the government decided they didn't want to pay to rebuild, so they declared that Gotham was no longer a part of the U.S., blew up the bridges connecting Gotham to the mainland, and let the city devolve into a gang-ruled third-world non-nation. Batman and the other Gotham-based heroes have tried to keep order, but for the most part, superheroes have steered clear. This story attempts to explain why the JLA wasn't cleaning the place up...

Huntress is pissed because she's having to work so hard to make Gotham liveable, but the rest of the JLA doesn't seem to give a damn, but Superman explains that the JLA has actually been fighting an ongoing battle in Gotham against a group of evil geneticists called the Locus. They're trying to infect the Gothamites with a technovirus, and the Justice League has been able to hold them off as they try to get into the city through the air, under the water, and underground. Concerned that Locus may have been behind the drive to make Gotham a "No Man's Land" so they'd have their own captive laboratory, the Martian Manhunter tries to read the minds of members of the US Senate, but discovers that they are all psi-shielded...

While Superman goes off to stop another Locus gang, Huntress stomps on a street gang trying to steal food from a family and realizes that the JLA actually has a strong presence in Gotham City: herself, Batman, and Oracle...

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