A really stretchy superhero created by Jack Cole in 1941 and owned by DC Comics. His real name is Eel O'Brien, and he used to be a small-time crook until he was shot and doused with acid while his gang was robbing a chemical factory. His life was saved by a reclusive order of monks; when he discovered his powers, he was inspired by the monks' example to turn his life around and become a superhero. Plas can stretch a long ways, and he can reshape himself any way he wants, which probably makes him popular with the ladies. He's been knocking around DC's continuity since World War II, but in recent years, he's undergone a bit of a renaissance when writer Grant Morrison made him a member of the Justice League of America. Plas is funnier than Mr. Fantastic, and his name is easier to deal with than the Elongated Man, so I will arbitrarily declare him the best stretchy superhero in the world.

Cole was originally going to call the character "India Rubber Man". Luckily, he was persuaded to go with another name.

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