This film contains even more scary imagery than the TV series, and even more questions and weirdness. The whole FBI involvement is minimal therefore, Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper doesn't do much. The action covers most of the major characters but centers on Laura Palmer (for obvious reasons). Interesting fact, David Lynch's son was in this movie playing the little kid magician that gives Laura the picture of the empty room.

For years, Twin Peaks fanatics -- generally called "Peaksters", although I prefer "Twinkies" -- have been aware of (and tantalized by) the notion of a "full" version of FWWM. This refers to the widely-circulated screenplay which contains a wider revisiting of the array of original TP characters, many of whom ended up on the cutting room floor due to irrelevance to the main storylines (Big Ed Hurley, for example), or actor disaffectation (which seems to have sidelined Ben Horne, and which took its toll on Coop's onscreen minutes as well). The script also has many more scenes adding backstory detail -- as one would expect from a prequel -- and offers a few more hermetically-sealed clues to this mystery or that.

Now, nearly ten years after the theatrical release of Fire Walk With Me, rumors drift over the horizon of a DVD release pending (mid-late 2001), that will include, after the film proper, a collection of the excised scenes arranged by David Lynch -- the last Peaks we are likely ever to see. And while it won't get Coop out of the bathroom, to enthusiasts this new footage is the Holy Grail.

Update (16 march 2002): The aforementioned FWWM DVD was released by New Line Cinema, but without the extra footage. A collective "Harrumph!" was head from the thousands of people who bought it anyway. But now there is word that a French company called MK2 is preparing their own version, and that they are seriously considering doing it right. If you want to help, or just find out more, go here:

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