Also known as The Arm in the TV show Twin Peaks and the movie Twins Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The Man From Another Place showed up and danced in the Black Lodge on Twin Peaks. Played by Michael J. Anderson, he became a symbol for the strange nature of the show (The Man From Another Place was the midget in the red suit.) Usually, this character would sing and speak backwards. He gave Special Agent Dale Cooper clues to what went on around him. In Fire Walk With me, he shows up in the White Lodge at the formica table. Asking for his garmonbozia, several other people from the show are recognizable too. Bob, the magician, and the grandmother appear in the lodge with others wearing intricate owl masks. I am not positive this location was the White Lodge, but it definatelty wasn't the Black Lodge. Anyway, a great character playing part of easily one of the most creative, intelligent programs ever to be aired on network television.

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