Now you know my name.  To keep this prose I will not say, ", here's my game."   I finally decided to use this writing venue to come clean, (well... within a nano particle's worth).  I've been here a long, long, time.....I mean earth, not Everything2 (and if I had my way it would be EverythingInfinity, but I digress.)

I'm too old to almost remember where I came from, but, the forbidden, how do you say it?--wormholes, time/space portals were created, and my kind came through. Our dabbling with fleshly creatures led to more problems than you could ever understand. I prefer not to get into the theological aspects of this, as-- how did Perry Mason say it?--I claim the right to not incriminate myself. Anyway, my cohorts and I plunged through, uh-- why, well as George Mallory once said: Because IT was there. And now we are. And I, being the most enlightened, will be the spokes-entity.

Arrogant, you query. You could only dream of such power. I once visited Madame Quando in the night, afterwards her tone in her books and tapes became a lot more humble. Do not dare to presume to make money off of me and not get paid back with more than you can bargain for. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant this to be a conciliatory essay/autobiography. I chose this site, because, I know for a fact many here will believe me. (Well, at least two, don't.)  Don't make me go to Wiki!

Now, you probably want me to explain the mysteries of the Pyramids. Well, which ones? Those hairy sons of glitches were so amazed when I put square 20 ton rocks up standing. But, when I showed them how to scratch gigantic figures at Nazca for my landing zone, they left others for millennia scratching their balding little pates.  Stonehenge was our idea of a fun ashtray.

We had a close call in being discovered, when they unearthed ancient parts of a battery cell, was it in Syria or Iraq (look at our influence not the U.S., but Babylon!). It's a wonder that the evidence of a tremendous hit by the Yucatan Peninsula is attributed to a meteorite, when that was one of the more mischievous friends of mine aiming a disrespectful small planet through the wormhole...gosh, we were glad it diminished a great deal before impact, or it wouldn't have been the hilarious joke that it turned out to be. I do miss the dinosaur rides, but messing with the internet is almost as much fun. When they find bones that don't fit into their anthropological studies, now maybe they'll realize they survived that uh, planetfall. LRL...(That's Laugh Real Loud).

Now if you try to message the idiot that's being channeled he won't know what you're talking about.

Bye for now.


For the SciFiQuest 2011: The Undiscovered Nodegel

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