Simply put, Frank Miller creates high art with pen and paper in a largely neglected medium.

Born in Olmie, Maryland in 1957, he grew up in Montpelier, Vermont, reading thriller novels and watching movies. He managed to become a professional artist as a teenager. His rise to fame came through employment as the main penciller for Daredevil, a job that soon expanded to writer as well. He worked on the series for several years with inker Klaus Johnson and was responsible for the creation of the popular character Elektra. He soon started to branch out beyond the company-owned series to create his own characters and scenarios, often with illustrator Lynn Varley, who happens to be his wife.

Frank Miller's true strength is his writing. He's repeatedly managed to take old worn-out characters and look at their psyches in a new and innovative way, revitalizing interest in them. He's also come up with incredible personalities and environments of his own, and in several different genres - science fiction, film noir, super heroes, and others. He's been awarded numerous honors for his work. He also wrote the scripts for Robocop 2 and Robocop 3. That said, he's still a highly skilled artist with an incredible sense of design. His current (mid-2000) project is Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, the sequel to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. What's next, Bat Wars? (See, Return of the Jedi, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars? Oh nevermind.)

Important works and series by Frank Miller:

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