Evan Dorkin is a self-taught comic book artist who draws his characters in a stark, generally thick-lined manner. He lives with his girlfriend and partner in crime Sarah Dyer, who colors his work when she isn't drawing Action Girl. He and Dyer have also written episodes for the Cartoon Network show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. In addition to his own creations Milk and Cheese, Pirate Corp$, and Dork!, Dorkin drew covers for the short-lived comic book Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures. He also had a small series called Dick Wad and the Mega Vice Squad, which was for Penthouse Comix, but Penthouse didn't care for his venomous style.

Dorkin's cynicism, introspection, and unique brand of artwork have made him a kind of R. Crumb for the Slacker generation. But don't tell Crumb I said this.

Update, 1/2002: Dorkin and Dyer are now married.

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