A comic book written by Evan Dorkin that's full of random musings by Dorkin on why he's so neurotic, and why the world's so screwed up. Also has Milk and Cheese, sometimes. You should buy it, because even though you may do your own musings, Dorkin is a lot funnier, and a lot more articulate than you are. It comes out irregularly. The last issue was number 6, and it was 6 months overdue.

As of November 2000, issue 8 has been published.

Issue 7 (out last year) may have been Dorkin's most personal work to date. He's been nominated for a couple of Eisner awards, and is deserving of greater recognition, even if he thinks he's not.

Issue 8 is a return to less-personal humor. It's definitely worth picking up for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Fisher-Price Theater Presents: George Orwell's 1984. Or the "Fun" strips. Or the Eltingville Comic Book, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Role-Playing Club. Just read the book.

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