People who've cut off all social activities, as well as other gaming consoles and their PCs, to concentrate their lives solely on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This experience is most often associated with highly addictive games that can keep a person playing for hours on end, such as a pair of Nintendorks playing the vs. mode in Double Dragon for the duration of a 10 hour marathon session. This is often followed by a series of 'your mom' cut downs, and a brutal period full of 'mistakes' made in the subsequent game of River City Ransom (i.e. Oops, I didn't mean to hit you in the face with that trashcan!)

Nintendorks are often made so only for short periods of time, as a week sitting down with Megaman 2 can only serve to help a person remember that Megaman X 6 is about to come out for the PS 2. And never forget that Megaman Legends Hyper 4 X Alpha Plus Monkeypants is coming out for the LMNOPS X40. In the old days, however, when people had the choice of the Atari 2600, the Commodore 64 (can anybody say, 'Load "*" ,8,1?'), and the NES, Nintendorks were more frequently observed. Their downfall, much like the downfall of Defender Junkies, came with the advent of...

Better Games.

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