This is a fun game that the guys at work clued me into, suffice to say it makes the day go by much quicker. Plus the fact that it gives your brain a good flexing. The idea came from Milk and Cheese, from the mastermind Evan Dorkin.
Thanks to dragoon for pointing this out :)


No Talent Celebrity Tag

The game is like the standard game of tag that you played as a kid, except with a new twist.

When you tag a person, you must call out a celebrity that has no talent. Once that person has been tagged, they must do the same when they tag the next person.

Repeat names are not allowed. The real fun comes about when you dispute whether the name called actually has talent or not.

Dead celebrities and politicians are usually allowed, however, most games will center around politicians since none of them have talent anyway. Celebrities that once had talent, but do not anymore are also up for grabs. Also, the celebrity must be singular, it cannot be part of a group. Eg. N' Sync

Examples of celebrities with no talent:

  1. Joey Butafuco
  2. Britney Spears
  3. Cory Haim
  4. Geraldo
  5. Jenny McCarthy

Have fun, and remember, the one who gets tagged last loses!

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