Barry and Levon (I'm sure you all remember the State on MTV) were always buying "two hundred and forty dollas worth o' pudd'n" to stick their asses in. It was pretty fucking hilarious. They get all hot and ready, then they'd lean back all slow into their mound of pudd'n. They'd whisper sweet nothings to the pudd'n and then make sweet love. It was truly a valuable display of how sexy Barry and Levon really were.

Its also worth recalling their last appearance on MTV, episode 306 -- *easily* the most important event in all of western culture: the pair becomes trapped on Planet Groovy when their life-giving sountrack ("Sexual Healing") mysteriously stops:

Barry: The music has ceased, Levon.

Levon: I'm starvin' for the Marvin.

Barry: I need the Gaye in a bad way!

Levon: Barry, our groove support systems have become . . .


And then the Mother Ship arrives with a trunk full of the aforementioned two hundred and forty dollas worth o' pudd'n, and they go riding into the sunset.

A truly breathtaking epic, unmatched in aesthetic splendor -- with the possible exception of Pink Flamingos by film maker John Waters.

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